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About Lenss-Expert Training: "NASSCOM predicts requirement of 10 Lakhs IT professionals by the year 2013. Currently the number of IT professionals in India is around 25,000. To fill IT professionals requirements this year ROHIT YADAV decided to extend & prospectus of LENSS-EXPERT Course on Linux, Ethical Hacking, Networking, Security, Search Engine Optimization, Cloud Computing in association with Impeccable Group" and Wizard InfoSolutions Private Limited"
The Training Course content is specially designed by ROHIT YADAV for aspiring Programmers, Network Engineer, Ethical Hackers, Search Engine Optimizer and Information Security geeks.

Lenss-Expert Training Duration: Training syllabus will be covered with in 180 hrs.
  • Boot Camp Batch: (Mon-Fri) 30 Days (6 hrs/ day)
  • Regular Batch: (Mon-Fri) 90 Days(2 hrs/ day)
  • Beak end Batch: (Sat-Sun) 60 Days (3 hrs/ day)
Lenss-Expert Training Syllabus: Course content Links is given below
Lenss-Expert Training Course Fee: Rs. 37,500-/ only

Lenss-Expert Training Eligibility Criteria: Basic Knowledge of Computer and Internet

Benefits to join Lenss-Expert:
  • Employers Need: This Course is design by analysis of more than 100 IT Companies needs the skills in hiring process and they want these technical skills in their Employee to hire.
  • Life Time Technology Support: After getting jobs student will provide technical support at zero cost.
  • Low Cost: This course Covers (Linux Administration + Linux Engineer + Linux Virtualization + Penetration Testing + Ethical Hacking + Forensic Investigation + Security + Networking + SEO). If anyone do these will be cost more than 1.5 Lakh. But LENSS-EXPERT covers these course Rs 37,500-/ only.
  • Use in Real Life: Most of Windows version are hacked daily and many kind of virus infection on windows OS. But Linux is fastest and Secure OS than all. Security and Ethical Hacking Skills can be use to Beat the hackers in its own game.
  • Game Environment: Tanning Environment based on most popular game KBC. This Environment will use to solve Objective Question of GATE, PSU and Banks
  • Linux & Ethical Hacking: There is Boom in the market on Linux and Ethical Hacking and this course covers all the module of Linux and Ethical Hacking

Linux Kernel is most powerful than other operating systems kernel and it is also so securing than others. Power on your Linux System and other Operating Systems give something to run surly Linux should be faster and secure than all Operating Systems.

Networking is the practice of connecting two or more computing devices to share information between them. Networking is used to fast and secure data transfer between the connected devices. Network is combination of Hardware and Software

Ethical Hackers are those Security professionals who have the Professional Hacking skills and they used their hacking skills for the defensive purpose. They are hired by the companies to attack their own network and find out the loophole in the network and secure them..

Forensic investigation is the process in which forensic investigator trying to find out digital evidence of hacked network or computer. And submit their report to proof that is hacked network or computer by the hackers

Penetration testing is a process in which companies will hire a penetration tester (ethical hacking experts) to attack their own network and finding out errors (loop holes) in the network and submit their report to upper level management of that company to protect the company being offence by the hacker.