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Ethical Hacking Training and Certification
Benefits to join Ethical Hacking: Our mission is bridging the gap from classroom to the workplace and produce best Ethical Hacker for secure carrier in IT. This is unique platform provides a quality education and give the world of opportunities to the students to make unlimited carrier growth
About Ethical Hacking Training: We design this course specifically for those who want to make a serious career in Ethical Hacking.

Ethical Hacking Training Duration: Training syllabus will be covered with in 60 hrs.
  • Boot Camp Batch: (Mon-Fri) 10 Days (6 hrs/ day)
  • Regular Batch: (Mon-Fri) 30 Days(2 hrs/ day)
  • Beakend Batch: (Sat-Sun) 20 Days (3 hrs/ day)

Training Syllabus: Course contents is given below

Chapter 1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking.

Chapter 2. Target Information Gathering.

Chapter 3. System Password Hacking.

Chapter 4. Applications Password Hacking.

Chapter 5. Network Password Hacking.

Chapter 6. Virus and Worms

Chapter 7. Software Hacking.

Chapter 8. Google Hacking.

Chapter 9. Stegnography.

Chapter 10. Cryptography.

Chapter 11. Trojan Horse Attacks.

Chapter 12. Phishing Attack.

Chapter 13. DOS and DDOS Attack.

Chapter 14. Advance SQL Injection Attack.

Chapter 15. Social Engineering.

Chapter 16. USB Hacking.

Chapter 17. Hacking E-mail Accounts.

Chapter 18. Hacking Wireless Network.

Chapter 19. Securing PC & Firewalls

Chapter 20. Penetration Testing

Companies working on Ethical Hacking: These are the few famous companies IBM, TCS, Wipro etc.

Package of Ethical Hackers: Normal companies paying 3.2 to 6.1 Lakhs to his Ethical Hackers. Again it all depends on lot of factors. These are just general figure.