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PHP Programming
Benefits to join PHP: Our mission is bridging the gap from classroom to the workplace and produce best PHP Programmers for secure carrier in IT. This is unique platform provides a quality education and give the world of opportunities to the students to make unlimited carrier growth
About PHP Training: We design this course specifically for those who want to make a serious career in PHP Programming. This course fully covered
  • Basic PHP Programming
  • Advance PHP Programming
PHP Training Duration: Training syllabus will be covered with in 60 hrs.
  • Boot Camp Batch: (Mon-Fri) 10 Days (6 hrs/ day)
  • Regular Batch: (Mon-Fri) 30 Days(2 hrs/ day)
  • Beak end Batch: (Sat-Sun) 20 Days (3 hrs/ day)

Training Syllabus: Course contents is given below

PHP Programming Course Content
1. PHP Basics:


• Introduction to OOPS
• Objectives
• Oops Concept
• Object
• Class
• Inheritance
• Data Encapsulation
• Data Abstraction
• Polymorphism
• Message Passing
• Dynamic Binding

3. PHP Advanced

4. Basic HTML codes

5. Introduction to PHP
What is PHP file
Why PHP?

6. Basic PHP Syntax
Variable Naming Rules

7. Strings
String function

8. PHP Operators
Arithmetic Operators
Assignment Operators
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators

9. Conditions
THEIf-Else Statement
The Else-If Statement
The Switch Statement

10. Arrays
Numeric array
Associative array
Multidimensional array

11. Looping statement

12. Functions
Creating PHP functions:
Adding parameters
Function Returning values

13. Forms
The $_GET variable
The $_POST variable
The $_REQUEST Variable
14. Form Validation

15. Session


16. PHP Database
Introduction to Mysql
Mysql connection create
Mysql Deletion

17. Database Assignments

18. Files
Open files
Closing files
File upload

19. Ajax
Introduction to ajax
Ajax Database

20. Mini project
Analysis of project.
Identify modules.
Process Explanation.
Database Creation.
Develop project.
Project validation.
Project Testing

21.Advanced PHP.
Frameweork-Codeignoter Or Cake(Depends Upon Company’s Requirement)
Liveproject(Will Be getting a URL)
CMS Technologies
Joomla,Wordpress,Drupal((Depends Upon Company’s Requirement)

Companies working on PHP: These are the few famous companies Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Guruji, Just Dial. Dogpile. Altavista. Ask, Excite, Lycos, Hotbot, Blekko, Sogou, Seznam. Package of PHP Programmers: Normal companies paying 2.4 to 3.6 Lakhs to his programmers. Usually programming specific companies Google, yahoo, wing pays anywhere between 3 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs. Again it all depends on lot of factors. These are just general figure.