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Basic, DTP, DCA, CCC,
Benefits to join Basic, DTP, DCA, CCC,: Our mission is bridging the gap from classroom to the workplace and produce best Basic, DTP, DCA, CCC, for secure carrier in IT. This is unique platform provides a quality education and give the world of opportunities to the students to make unlimited carrier growth
About Basic, DTP, DCA, CCC, Training: We design this course specifically for those who want to make a serious career in Basic, DTP, DCA, CCC. This course fully covered
  • Basic and DTP
  • DCA and CCC,
Basic, DTP, DCA, CCC, Training Duration: Training syllabus will be covered with in 60 hrs.
  • Boot Camp Batch: (Mon-Fri) 10 Days (6 hrs/ day)
  • Regular Batch: (Mon-Fri) 30 Days(2 hrs/ day)
  • Beak end Batch: (Sat-Sun) 20 Days (3 hrs/ day)

Training Syllabus: Course contents is given below

Basic, DTP, DCA, CCC, Course Content
Fundamentals of Computer:
• Introduction to Computer
• History and Generation
• Application of Computer
• Evolution & Development of Computer
• Principles of Computing
• Input/output Devices
• Classification of Memory
• Main components of computer
• Number System
• Type of Software’s
• Flow Chart and Programming Languages
• Computer Network

Operating System (Microsoft Windows)
• Installation by (DVD, Pen drive)
• Useful Windows Commands
• User and Group Management
• Disk Management and Disk Quota
• Remote Desktop, Remote Assistance
• Shared Folder, Map Network Drive, Offline
• Backup and Restore
• Configuring Display Setting
• Control Panel
• Service Management
• Printer Management
• Registry Editing
• Using Windows Search
• Using Windows Help and Support
• Installing Drivers and Hardware
• Windows update and Firewall Configuration
• Network Setting and AD Hoc Network
• Using Linux in windows by CMD

MS Office Syllabus
• Microsoft Office Word
• Microsoft Office Excel
• Microsoft Office Power Point
• Microsoft Office Access
• Microsoft Office Outlook
• Microsoft Office Front Page
• Microsoft Office Publisher

• Introduction to Internet
• Installing and Using Web Browsers
• Using Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Wing)
• E-mail Accounts and its Functions
• Social Media Sites and its Functions
• Educational sites
• Online shopping sites
• Online job sites
• Ticket Reservation sites
• Proxy sites
• Video conferencing
• Downloading data
• Good Tools and Tricks